Bryson '' Dumas was born an only child to a single mother in Canton, Ohio. Not having a specific creative specialty, (DGB for short), dabbles in several different genres of production. The main focus being urban music (hip-hop, trap and R&B), but he also has produced for christian, rock and electronica artists both local and international. Music magazine 'Fayetteville Feed' once referred to DGB's production as "inspired and infectious...".

Doom. has been involved with music since the age of 9 when he began playing piano and saxophone in both Concert and Jazz Band at the Pleasant View School for the Arts in northeastern Ohio. Graduating to computer software after the seminal steps of utilizing a Playstation to make music, DGB began to hone his skills more aggressively. He has travelled across the globe including Southeast Asia, Africa and Europe both working with artists and ingesting different cultures in order to round out his musical gambit. All of these events have formed the experimental and captivating sonics he continues to display to this day.

DGB has now made his way into film and commercial work landing placements on several international networks. If you have any questions, comments or concerns can be reached via email at